Aural Sculptures for NFT holders

The manufacturing of Aural Sculptures by 3BE Audio is strictly limited to 3 pairs per each model. However, you may clone your own pieces based on the print files that are available on NFT marketplaces such as Here are some useful information about it.

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What is it about Aural Sculptures

Aural Sculptures are an outstanding high-end loudspeaker concept that basically takes advantage of the opportunities for the speaker enclosure design, considering additive manufacturing methods. Each model of an Aural Sculpture by 3BE Audio is originally manufactured in a series of max. 3 pairs.

Prices can easily score middle 5-digit values, driven to a significant extent by the costs for the intermediate handling and transport as the objets d’art that they are. That is where the idea of releasing the original print files to the public begins to materialize.

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What is it about NFT for speaker enclosure models

The speaker enclosure is the centerpiece within the creation process for an Aural Sculpture. Each model is a digital artwork of its own that should neither be kept behind closed doors nor given away arbitrarily. NFT are the right way to handle digital creations deliberately.

On NFT marketplace Get your favorite enclosure model

Here are some additional pictures of available models/ textures further to the galleries available at your NFT marketplace.

Once you have concluded your shopping at your NFT marketplace, you will hold the following:

The NFT for the 3D model of the speaker enclosure of your choice

A download link and the appropriate password

A voucher code

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At home Download the print files

With the download link provided to you, you will have exclusive and anonymous access to the original stl-file that has been used to manufacture the respective enclosures at 3BE Audio. You may also find supplemental print files, e.g., for the manufacturing of the exclusive woofer grills. You should download them short-term to a safe storage device at your place.

These files allow you to produce the physical pieces once you have arranged for the appropriate printing devices or manufacturer. There are no limitations to the count or to the time of production. However, please remember that the stl-files are your treasure – and the intellectual property of 3BE Audio still.


The voucher Convenience kits from 3BE

With your NFT purchase, you have received a voucher code as well. This code is linked to the suitable materials kits in the webshop on

You may find it more convenient to get all the equipment – that is turning your piece of art into a piece of high-end loudspeaker – at once from the originators rather than figuring out your own technical design unless you are a diy specialist.

Then, you can apply this voucher for a discount of 88% on the original price, however, limited to a count of two of these kits and in one go only.