The Extravaganza of High Fidelity

The anatomy of sound

  • Additive Manufacturing and virtual free forming
  • Natural and artistic sculptures with perfect proportions
  • Fundamentally Superior Acoustic Engineering
  • Shapes to make the difference in any room architecture
  • Tactile skins with individual engravings and textures
  • Endless diversity in design details

Visual Arts for the Audiophilista

High-End? Beyond…

  • Minimal inner Sound Reflections
  • Lightweight Monolithic Body with least Natural Resonances
  • Almost true D’Appolito driver Arrangement

  • High-End drivers made in the EU

Authentic Sound. Unique Appearance.

Create your own custom design sculpture right from scratch together with us.

Introduce corporate identity or private details to shapes and skins. Melt with interior design and architecture. Available with optional copyright.

Find finished pieces with short-term availability as well as helpful and fancy accessories for direct order.

Compose well-proven shapes, skin texture, color, stand and various other details from hundreds of variations in your style.
(coming soon)

Technology to the Rescue of Emotion.


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