Create an Aural Sculpture!

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Become the eponym of a global icon in design

We believe that there are millions of ideas about the perfect shape. Now that we are heading out every day to get inspirations for Aural Sculpture designs, it makes us feel quite small. So why not open up to the global design and art community? 3BE invites you to submit your concept of a perfect Aural Sculpture.

Your benefits

Get the right to award the official name to your Aural Sculpture and participate in up to 5% of your design’s sales. Sounds good, right? We also grant you full rights to your intellectual property, but unfortunately we cannot grant every design idea to become reality.

How it works

We are providing a special set of conditions called creator terms, that contain all necessary rules for staying happy throughout our joint design process. If you accept our creator terms, then submit your creation in a format of your choice. This can be a digital three-dimensional model, a set of drawings/sketches or pictures of models, that you have formed from your favorite material (e.g. clay).

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Bernd Marsch
Bernd Marsch
Bernd is a graduate engineer with an additional long-time career in business controlling and managing director plus founder of 3BE. Music has always been his passion, and now he is in the fortunate position to pump up the volume with professional excuse. At 3BE, Bernd cares for general management and quality of sound.