3BE Invented Essentials I Aural Sculptures 1

Bringing the spectacular to your ears with easiness – naturally.

The major invention coming with an Aural Sculpture by 3BE is the truly seamless body. The nearly free forming opportunities of our design and production process apply not only to the outer shape of an Aural Sculpture but also to the inside of the enclosure.

The latter allows for the optimization of the inner frequency response to the signal given by the drivers. Conventional speaker boxes have more or less determinate regular inner dimensions and are made of more or less plain boards – resulting from the typical design constraints in respective manufacturing processes. These boxes will overreact in particular frequency ranges with significant negative feedback to the speaker drivers’ performance in terms of accuracy and tonal balance. Balancing attenuation/ absorption of such inner resonances on the one hand and preservation of the necessary free air volume to maintain the drivers’ dynamics especially in the mid-low frequency levels on the other, that is one of many skills of a high-end speaker box designer.

3BE Product Highlights minimal inner sound reflections

Aural Sculptures maintain a highly distributed, almost erratic range of inside wall distances directly by their inner shape design. This principle avoids the above falsification of the inner frequency response and, consequently, reduces falsification of the signal that the speaker driver is requested to send to its listener.

Dealing with resonances and inner frequency response

The next challenge in conventional speaker boxes comes with the resonances of the housing itself. What is essential to the characteristic sound nuances of music instruments such as violins or pianos is rarely helpful for accurate reproduction of the music itself. Each board as part of a box assembly comes with a distinct resonance spectrum, even complicated by the fixing to the other parts of the box. Such resonances interfere directly with the sound emitted by the speaker drivers. The wider the outside wall area of the speaker box and the more pieces used for the housing assembly the higher the sensitivity to audible effects. Distortion may exceed acceptable ranges even in high-end speaker designs if such wall resonances are transmitted to floors or walls over the respective pedestals or mounts. Apart from any great industrial art and design there is one general mantra: The more massive the walls the better. The quality of many high-end speaker boxes can often be measured in kilograms. And finally, the massive construction helps avoiding sound transmission from the inside interfering with the primary sound outside.

3BE Product Highlights Monolithic body with the least natural resonances

Aural Sculptures do it differently. The seamless body forms a truly three-dimensional, self-stabilizing integrated workpiece. As valid for the inner frequency response it is for the resonance characteristics of the body: Unspecific and below any significance naturally.

The natural sound passivity of the body is further strengthened by the manufacturing materials and processes. Similar to concrete, the body is a composite of powder materials. Similar to concrete, the acoustic permeability of an Aural Sculpture body is non-directional and minimum three to four times lower in comparison to, for example, wood materials. The result is an almost light-weight design with a minimum requirement for the wall thickness of less than 1 cm.

Sure, there have been various high-end speaker boxes of timeless beauty with exquisite music reproduction qualities over the past decades in Hi-Fi. You may find some of our favorites (and idols) in our actual hot-lists “The Audience Is Listening”. However, by leveraging the potential of additive manufacturing and design it is Aural Sculptures by 3BE to unveil your favorite music with ease and grace.