Serenity is the mystique among the Aural Sculptures by 3BE. Serenity appeals to everybody differently. The sensual shape fires imagination – that’s what art is about. This has never been seen before with a high-end speaker system.

Running Serenity in your hi-fi system or in your home theatre gives you a peerless experience of euphony. It is designed to lift the haze from your favorite music that you may have accepted from your current equipment so far. The seamless and extremely low-resonant speaker cabinets are acoustically unrivaled. Drivers and other components such as cords and connectors are selected from first class suppliers in Germany, Denmark and France.

These Serenities have been produced to conclude the design of the model triade “Lori” – a tactile skin like a motion study, lithe and strong. The smooth silver finish gives them an appearance of liquid platinum.

This pair comes with high quality wooden tripods finished in black, which can be set to different height levels matching your individual application. With the external passive crossover modules 3BE PMA and cabling included, this pair of Serenities is ready for full-range stereo connection to every quality power amplifier. A third-party subwoofer can be added to the speaker system based on the options that your amplifier setup may offer.