There’s no top-quality sound without top-quality drivers

Table of Contents

The basics of sound generation

Under the best circumstances, every speaker box can reproduce the music it is supplied with as clearly as built-in speakers or, to use technical jargon, “drivers”. Drivers are responsible for converting the electrical music signal from the upstream amplifier into the mechanical signal to excite the sound that ultimately arrives at our ears. Even if the enclosure and speaker drivers were perfectly matched, it would still not be possible to “fix” any losses or errors in the correct conversion of the signals in the driver itself.

Technically sophisticated and long lasting

Although the technology of conventional drivers has been largely understood and tried and tested for around a century, it is obvious that many physical factors must fit together in this device to successfully reproduce complex musical signals. With all the possibilities of projection and simulation, a high-end driver is the result of lengthy, predominantly experimental development processes. This also explains why tried-and-tested drivers have been able to easily stay on the market for decades without any appreciable changes.

Highest quality standards required from our suppliers

3BE relies on selected, premium speaker drivers, which have proven their worth in a wide range of test environments. From the design of the enclosures to the upstream filter network, the drivers we use represent the absolute best in their class. The highest manufacturing quality and the lowest manufacturing tolerances are indispensable. We can be sure to get this from our European partners, who are close by.

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Bernd Marsch
Bernd Marsch
Bernd is a graduate engineer with an additional long-time career in business controlling and managing director plus founder of 3BE. Music has always been his passion, and now he is in the fortunate position to pump up the volume with professional excuse. At 3BE, Bernd cares for general management and quality of sound.