About 3BE

The birth of 3BE can be dated back to 2017, when Bernd’s first patent for a light weight speaker box design was filed. Today, an informal network of more than 20 experts from various faculties and locations all over the world contribute to the vanguard vision of 3BE, that is the consequent innovation of sound experiences.

The headquarters are located in Hilden, Germany, close to Duesseldorf, where design and final assembly of the Aural Sculptures is performed as well as general administration and executive management. 3BE is a brand of the company Bernd Marsch Unternehmungen GmbH.

3BE Team People Aleksej Konstantinov Portrait

Aleksej Konstantinov

CAD Engineer & Design Developer

Aleksej is a mechanical engineer in the field of production and product development. His interest in audio technology and experience in DIY loudspeaker boxes led the way to becoming part of 3BE. He’s the expert at technical construction in additive manufacturing and process optimisation.

3BE Team People Sebastian Steinhauser Portrait

Sebastian Steinhaeuser

Industrial Designer & Content Director

Sebastian is a visual artist focused on industrial design, who worked as a freelance designer in the pro audio branch before joining 3BE. Being a musician he likes playing guitar and listening to well composed music. His current key tasks are communication design and product development.

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