OSKAR in da house!

Here he is: OSKAR – Your buddy for the belly.

The Aural Sculpture for F0-D#: Abyssal playback with peerless effortlessnes and dynamics. Powered by M&K Sound®. 


An  Aural Sculpture  by  3be audio

from € 11,600.- (stereo set)*

* depending on configuration details, destination of delivery/ tax regulations and applicable special services

Passepartout OYA - Sounds everywhere

OYA is an Aural Sculpture doing magic to your living room. Designed to delight connoisseurs of both faculties home theatre and audiophile music with her holographic sound stage of outstanding vitality.

Forget about center speakers and frustration about sub-optimal placement. With a manufactured depth of only 15 cm, OYA does not need much space nor distance to behind walls and plays resiliently also under tricky room conditions. 

OYA is available for the placement in/ on existing racks or shelves as well as free-standing object attached to the exclusive OYA stand with invisible cable routing.

More design than just design 3BE's one-piece-enclosure

OYA’s exceptional appearance surely wows everybody even before the first note is played. But beyond, our enclosure is firstly designed for the most amazing sound experience:

Manufactured as one seamless piece without additional bracing installations or other joint wall elements for the most integral resonance management

Inner volume with most distributed 1D/2D dimensions for the most unspecific frequency response

Enclosure material with inner attenuation 3 times higher compared to wood

Homogenous material structure with totally undirected inner energy disspation compared to formed wall materials

Less is more OYA's driver unit

OYA is equipped with a single 5″ wideband driver from the highly reputated speaker manufactory Voxativ in Berlin. The bass-reflex vent is integral part of the enclosure.

The acoustic center axis of the fitted driver falls apart from the intuitive optical symmetry axis of the outer enclosure shape. This has proven exceedingly beneficial to level out room characteristics and to maintain a robust sound stage all over the place.

Inimitable interior objects Customizing OYA

OYA’s visual design targets on forgetting about her function. Her appearance can be individualized in various details to match the particular interior design and taste. The highlight, of course, is the variation of the outer skin, with any abstract patterns, figural applications and/ or personal engravings.

Coloring is available as per the RAL collection tables.

Specifications OYA
Nominal Frequency Range (+/- 3dB):
60-20,000 Hz
Nominal Power Rating RMS:
50 W
Nominal Sound Pressure Level (SPL):
92 dB/W/m
Subsonic resilience:
xxx @ 25 Hz
Woofer excursion limit
Dimensions w/o stand, applications:
54 x 50 x 18 cm
H x W x D
Weight w/o stand, applications:
7.7 kg
Features OYA
Enclosure Principle:
System Principle:
1 x 5"
To amplifier
2 x 4 mm banana plug or max. 6 mm² wire
Optional Features
OYA Original Stand:
Weight (net)
Dimensions incl. OYA (H x W x D)
3.5 kg
121 x 50 x 18 cm
Woofer Blinds:
Clip-on/ Magnetic
Further Options/ Resources
Color finish:
At Buyer's Option
Tactile Customization:
At Buyer's Option