OSKAR in da house!

Here he is: OSKAR – Your buddy for the belly.

The Aural Sculpture for F0-D#: Abyssal playback with peerless effortlessnes and dynamics. Powered by M&K Sound®. 

r u experienced?

Become a technical partner

3be audio is always striving for practical improvement of their creations. Our proprietary inventions could not achieve top levels in quality and performance without the contribution of our skilled partners.

You are a constructor of hi-fi electronics?

You are running a lab for acoustic measurements?

You are running a big scale 3D-printing facility?

You are an expert in varnishing textured objects of various materials?

Then you may be someone we would love to meet. 3BE are appreciating new or additional collaborations in the following fields:

  • Development/ purchase of technical components such as speaker drivers, active/ passive crossover modules & housings, wiring
  • New materials and efficiency improvements for additive manufacturing of speaker enclosures
  • Alternative processes for enclosure finishes
  • Establish standard process for technical data recording of Aural Sculptures and related components

We would be glad to get in touch with you and discuss the opportunities in detail.