OSKAR in da house!

Here he is: OSKAR – Your buddy for the belly.

The Aural Sculpture for F0-D#: Abyssal playback with peerless effortlessnes and dynamics. Powered by M&K Sound®. 


An  Aural Sculpture  by  3be audio

Fabrication on demand starts from € 15,800.- (stereo set)*

* depending on configuration details, destination of delivery/ tax regulations and applicable special services

The shape of pureness NYMOS - Sculpted naturally

NYMOS is our visual tribute to pureness of sound. The outer silhouette follows basically what we found to be also the optimal inner enclosure dimensions for the woofers, i.e., to relieve them from any specific response of the sealed air volume.

Today, NYMOS can be installed in various configurations with stands and driver control units. Besides, some tactile variations are already filed, ready for manufacturing.

Engineering in arts 3BE's one-piece-enclosure

The speaker cabinets of 3BE’s Aural Scuptures have originally been engineered for the most authentic sound experience, with significant technical advantages over conventional speaker box design:

Manufactured as one seamless piece without additional bracing installations or other joint wall elements for the most integral resonance management

Inner volume with most distributed 1D/2D dimensions for the most unspecific frequency response

Enclosure material with inner attenuation 3 times higher compared to wood

Homogenous material structure with totally undirected inner energy disspation compared to formed wall materials

Divide and conquer NYMOS' driver unit

NYMOS is equipped with two 5″-woofers in a D’Appolito arrangement with a 3/4″ dome tweeter. The woofers with aramide cones and 1.4T-magnets from Davis Acoustics are well-proven in many high-end speaker installations over decades up to date. The Illuminator dome tweeter from ScanSpeak presents ribbon tweeter performance from 1k up to 30kHz in a truly minimalistic outer appearance.

The control unit to feed the NYMOS drivers is installed outside of the NYMOS enclosure. This allows for a maximum of flexibility for the visual and acoustic design of both parts. Control units are available as passive crossover units – the classical way of connecting the NYMOS to an existing power amplifier – as well as “active” units with integrated, true bi-amping modules. The filter design comes close to the requirements stated in the theories of Joseph D’Appolito, thus preserving the acoustic benefits of driver arrangement and enclosure design in the best way. All control units are connected to the served NYMOS by the same proprietary type of cable with easy-click-connectors.

Inimitable expression Customizing NYMOS

NYMOS’ fires creativity. On demand, personalization is possible for countless details, e.g., by the variation of the outer skin, with any abstract patterns, figural applications and/ or personal engravings.

More customization comes with the choice of the appropriate stand, control unit and coloring. Accessories such as the woofer blinds complete the individual fitting process.

Specifications Serenity
Nominal Frequency Range (+/- 3dB):
60-22,000 Hz
(1) with unbiased crossover
Cut-Off Frequency:
50 Hz
-6 dB, nearfield
Nominal Power Rating RMS:
90 W
Nominal Sound Pressure Level (SPL):
89 dB/W/m
Subsonic resilience:
68 W @ 25 Hz
Woofer excursion limit
Dimensions w/o stand, applications:
H x W x D
64 x 21 x 47 cm
Weight w/o stand, applications:
9.7 kg
Features Serenity
Enclosure Principle:
System Principle:
Bass Section:
2 x 5"
Aramide ("Kevlar®") Cones
1 x 3/4"
Externalized. Var. powered/ passive
7-pin socket "easy-click"
Optional Features
Stand Of Choice
Weight (net)
Dimensions incl. Serenity (H x W x D)
Original Serenity Stand w/ Module Compartment:
10.3 kg
137 x 43 x 55 cm
Tripod w/ Module Tray:
3.6 kg
132 - 179 x 60 - 96 x 57 - 90 cm
Minimalist Steel Tube w/ Cast Iron Base:
9.2 kg
155 x 45 x 58 cm
Crossover Module Of Choice
Passive. Nominal SPL -4dB
Powered analogue crossover + 2-channel PWM amplifier w/ passive filter mod.
Woofer Blinds:
Further Options/ Resources
Color finish:
At Buyer's Option
Tactile Customization:
At Buyer's Option