OSKAR in da house!

Here he is: OSKAR – Your buddy for the belly.

The Aural Sculpture for F0-D#: Abyssal playback with peerless effortlessnes and dynamics. Powered by M&K Sound®. 

Tactility Design

Inimitable personalization for Aural Sculptures

General The next design dimension

The design of an Aural Sculpture is not yet definite by the engineering of the inner volume dimensions and the shaping of its outer visual silhouette. Another special feature is the detailed design of the visible enclosure surface. Possible applications range from planar patterns over distinct stamping elements to figural incorporations.

These applications become integral part of the immaterial model for the Aural Sculpture to be fabricated in one go, therefore dedicated to define the inimitability of each single piece. 3BE will always be happy to assist you in finding your personal statement.

Surface characteristics Natural texture

The regular surface of a plain enclosure “as built” is a piece of art in itself. The fine grained basic material and the patient layer-by-layer build-up create an amazing appearance of natural genesis to the surface that could not be found in any other human work job.

3BE is in favor of controlling and maintaining this asset during the finishing process of an Aural Sculpture. However, if you prefer a “glossy” appearance we will be happy to arrange accordingly. The distinct smoothening of the original tactility may also be recommended for some surface applications as below.

Me & You Personal engravings

The stamping with a personal information or signet is surely the most apparent way of individualization. May we insert your family emblem? Or a personal writing? It could even be a 3D-photograph that we turn into a 3D-application to the enclosure wall.

Let 3BE help you to fit your Aural Sculpture with your personal mantra or label that demonstrates your absolute uniqueness.

Total tactility Full covers

The attachment of a holohedral “micro-3D” pattern to the surface of an Aural Sculpture is the most exclusive way to present an Aural Sculpture as part of a premium interior. It will accent the expression of the macroscopic silhouette in a distinct way and can make a connection to the other interior elements.

Creating Aural Sculptures with tactile areas is one of the most sophisticated design tasks at 3BE. The match of the tactile artwork with the macroscopic shape during modelling in terms of dimensions, directions and distribution. The file size of the resulting 3D model is extremely high due to the count of vertices all over the structural details.

More details about this process are available, e.g., at one of our partners Taktiles design

Stressing imagination Figural applications

A third way of upgrading your Aural Sculpture is the positioning of one or more figural elements at the outer surface. This means that we merge the original enclosure model with another 3D-model, usually a 3rd-party design, retaining all relevant enclosure dimensions with regard to playback quality.

The diversity of applicable elements is nearly unlimited – from abstract over fantasy to true-to-life replicas. Just take a look at the repertory of commercial platforms such as, e.g., cgtrader. And so is the range for the possible visual impact – from unobstrusive fine-tuning to complete reshaping of the enclosure silhouette. We will be happy to find out your preferences together with you accordingly.