OSKAR in da house!

Here he is: OSKAR – Your buddy for the belly.

The Aural Sculpture for F0-D#: Abyssal playback with peerless effortlessnes and dynamics. Powered by M&K Sound®. 


An Aural Sculpture by 3be audio – powered by Miller&Kreisel®

Fabrication on demand starts from € 6,800.- *

* depending on configuration details, destination of delivery/ tax regulations and applicable special services

More than a subwoofer OSKAR - A Subsculpture

OSKAR is our buddy for the belly, prepared for a breezing staging of the abyssal sound regions from F0 to D#. Created as a statement for more womanhood in high fidelity technology.

This Aural Sculpture is sublimating the superior hardware of Miller&Kreisel®, the leading manufacturer of loudspeakers for professional studio playback. As applied to all Aural Sculptures, the driver enclosure is produced in one piece, incl. the internal supporting structure for the 12″-driver in downfire arrangement.

Enginering in arts 3BE's one-piece-enclosure

The speaker cabinets of 3BE’s Aural Scuptures have originally been engineered for the most authentic sound experience, with significant technical advantages over conventional speaker box design:

Manufactured as one seamless piece without additional bracing installations or other joint wall elements.

Minimized sub-frequency infusion to enclosure walls by special structural design for driver mount

Bass-reflex enclosure with integral vent pipe

Integral symmetry breaker for inner volume dimensions

More power, more control M&K's driver unit

Charming OSKAR – and what a blast! The power amplifier module commands resources of up to 400W RMS/ 800W Peak to feed the thunderous 12″-driver, both designed and provided by our partner and mentor Miller&Kreisel®.

OSKAR allows for multiple configuration options directly from your listening seat via the convenient, free M&K app, available at the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Further to the basic adjustments to volume, crossover frequency, delay and phase, the M&K app provides advanced control options for Manual EQ and Auto EQ parameters.

Manual EQ allows users to set filter frequency, gain and ‘Q’ for up to four independent EQs. Auto EQ compensates and corrects for acoustical room anomalies which can cause inferior bass performance. By taking measurements in and around the prime listening position, the proprietary M&K App applies acoustical corrections to provide optimized listening conditions and reference bass performance in any home environment.

Frequency Response:
20-200 Hz
Average Response In Room +/- 3 dB
Frequency Roll Off:
20 Hz
(-6 dB @ 18 Hz Nearfield)
Amplifier Power Output RMS:
0.5% THD @ 300W vs. 4 Ohms
Amplifier Power Output Peak
Standby Power Consumption:
40W Average/ 200W Max.
H x W x D
37.4 x 14.6 x 14.6 in/ 945 x 370 x 370 mm
48.1 lbs/ 21.8 kg
Hardware/ On-Board Features
Drive Unit:
1 x 12″
Long Throw
Headroom Limiter Maximizer:
Dynamic Driver Excursion Control
System Principle:
Amplifier Type:
Analog Input/ Switch Mode Power Output
Hardware Power Switch:
Switch On Standby
Auto Power Standby:
Line Input/Output:
2 x 2xRCA
Input/ Output - Left/ Right
USB-A Service Power Supply:
DC 5V/ 500mA
Software/ Control Features
Mobile Devices iOs/ Android
Subwoofer Connection:
Multi-Subwoofer Control:
General Volume Control:
Incl. Mono/ Stereo Feed Switch
Low Pass Cut-Off Frequency:
Variable Slope 12/ 18/ 24db/ Oct
Phase Adjustment:
0-360 deg.
Delay/ Displacement Correction:
Max. 80ft./ 24.4m
Manual Equalizer:
Var. Frequency, Gain, Quality Factor
Room Acoustic Correction:
Auto Equalizer Measurement
Further Options/ Resources
Color finish:
At Buyer's Option
Tactile Customization:
At Buyer's Option
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