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Here he is: OSKAR – Your buddy for the belly.

The Aural Sculpture for F0-D#: Abyssal playback with peerless effortlessnes and dynamics. Powered by M&K Sound®. 

Three “To-BEs” – the philosophy of 3be audio


3be audio: BE true, BE good, BE beautiful

3BE is on the mission to restore music lovers to the emotional experience of lively sound. Aural Sculptures are not only designed to enfold the most authentic staging during playback of any recording. Above all they are also visual objets d’art that make any beholder forget about their original function. Aural Sculptures add inimitability and intimacy to any living space at any time while detaching the music experience from the usual presentation of sophisticated technical equipment.

BE true

Our first claim in our product philosophy refers to the acoustic engineering of our products. 3BE aims at a certain sound experience that we call “authentic” – a playback presentation that gives listeners the feeling of clandestine time travellers to the particular live recording situation. This is quite a different approach than we can sense in mainstream hi-fi where the anxiety to please spontaneously has established a certain accentuation of the low-mids of the frequency range, often denoted by listeners as a “warm” sound, and sometimes assumed as “charming bass”. Well, we have decided to go the right way, not the easy way. It is authenticity that lets your favorite recordings unfold the power to touch you deep within – again and again.

BE good

The inventive imperative at 3be audio has quite old-fashioned roots: Only long-term validated processes and equipment are used for measures and completion of construction. A conservative choice of materials and components is used in the production of electronic and mechanical equipment. Our purchased components are stored based on intake measurements – usually sorted by pairs. Each computer model of an Aural Sculpture is digitally signed and part of the respective buyer’s scope. 3BE take care of any buyer of a personal Aural Sculpture personally and sustaining.

BE beautiful

The visual appearance of hi-fi is usually determined by the showcase of the respective equipment. The appearance of Aural Sculptures is determined by the emotion of the arts that they are made to serve. And by the ambiente in which these arts are presented. Aural Sculptures are objets d’art telling their own tale and making the beholder forget about the “equipment” within.

Picture of Bernd Marsch
Bernd Marsch
Bernd is the founder of 3BE Audio. He is a graduate engineer with an additional long-time career in strategic controlling. Music has always been his passion, and now he is in the fortunate position to pump up the volume with professional excuse. Bernd is always standing up for accuracy in sound staging.