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3BE Product Philosophy

Aural Sculptures by 3BE are dedicated to boost joy, excitement and an emotionally intense entertainment experience of their owners beyond the technical aspects of a usual speaker box. Aural Sculptures array a sound experience of stunning truthfulness in the visual beauty of objets d’art that let listeners forget about the soulless technical equipment between them and the performing artists. Nevertheless, owners of Aural Sculptures shall feel peace of mind in any product aspect from forward-looking technology to sustainable material and service concepts.

The conviction of our take on high-end speaker design

The perception of sound is very subjective and a truly individual sentiment. We believe that the listener’s rating of euphony cannot be conclusively explained by technical data and measurements of particular accessories. More importantly, appealing sound is perceived by each listener differently, e.g., by the personal anatomic background in the sense of hearing. It also needs to consider the huge variety of different room settings and the respective impact, by possibly killing any perfectly set frequency responses in the aftermath. Listening habits and preferences in music are as significant to your sense of euphony as actual daytime and general mood of yours. Finally, while listening to music each indvidual is always accompanied by individual visual impressions. Even with your eyes closed to immerse yourself in your favorite piece, you are basically substituting your current view with your inner cinema. Aural Sculptures therefore shall always inspire their audience by respecting both of these two senses.

Aural Sculptures are here to stay

The mission triangle of 3BE is completed by the quality standards and dedication to careful manufacturing. The technical design of an Aural Sculpture combines generally accepted theories and best high-end speaker design practices in an unequaled composition. Materials and components used for Aural Sculptures are tested for durability in our own laboratories and workshops, attesting our flawless performance claim in long-term operation.

To cut it short: 3BE’s product philosophy in 3 “BEs”

Be beautiful (in my eyes), be true (to my ears), be good (for my mind).
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Bernd Marsch
Bernd Marsch
Bernd is a graduate engineer with an additional long-time career in business controlling and managing director plus founder of 3BE. Music has always been his passion, and now he is in the fortunate position to pump up the volume with professional excuse. At 3BE, Bernd cares for general management and quality of sound.